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What Makes Someone “Gifted”

I’ve been on and off the drums over the last 8 years, ever since buying my first, and only, kit. Don’t let the “eight years” mislead you. As pilots log their “hours in the cockpit”, if I were to do the same for “hours on the throne” it’d probably total up to somewhere between 6-12 months (and my lack of proficiency on this instrument proves it).

A while back I picked up a copy of John Riley’s excellent drum technique DVD “The Master Drummer”. John is an authority on modern drumming, esp jazz drumming, and has a number of devotees. His speaking style is a little on the stiff side, but the quality of what he was to say on drumming is without peer.

In the DVD he pauses for a moment to reflect on the idea of “The Gift”. i.e. why do some people seem “gifted” when it comes to playing the drums (or any craft really) and others not?

I found his response to this question really powerful. It applies not just to drumming, but everything.

The Power of Design

I really like this video that Continuum created to talk about design. The notion of identifying a problem (the insight) and then creating a solution for it (the idea) is what gets me out of bed in the morning. It’s a playground.

While the principle applies to any domain, for me, digital as the context to identify those insights and ideas is the place to be.

Resonance from Continuum on Vimeo.

via Design Sojourn

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